Meta: Guilt and Shame, Dean Winchester Style

I read some meta the other day that attempted to explain away Sam and Dean’s differences by claiming that Dean feels guilt, which is healthy, while Sam feels shame, which isn’t. As if these two things don’t go together like PB and J. As if the levels of guilt that Dean feels can be considered healthy at all. Anyway, instead of critiquing that particular meta, (which did have some fair points to make regarding Sam's issues with shame) I thought I’d just take this opportunity to examine what role guilt and shame really does play in Dean’s life, and how that’s effecting him in season nine.

Dean’s shame and guilt are mainly a product of three things:

1. A survival strategy meant to make Dean feel safe throughout an extremely unsafe childhood (Why Dean feels guilty for things beyond his control or outside of a reasonable realm of personal responsibility).

2. Being made to feel as though there was something inherently wrong/shameful with having wants and needs that were separate from or in conflict with the more urgent responsibility of taking care of others, especially his brother (Why Dean puts the needs of others before his own needs, regardless of how self-destructive it may be).

3.Understanding that apart from taking care of Sam, his only value is as a tool used for violent purposes (Why Dean fears abandonment and becomes increasingly ashamed of who he is to the point where he no longer values his own life).

But lets’s start with guilt and point number one.

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The Problem with Divine!Dean: A Secular Humanist Perspective

So this idea of Divine!Dean keeps popping up, and it seems to be fairly popular. At first, I felt seduced by it as well— it seemed to imbue him with something beautiful and poetic that as a Dean stan, is hard to say no to. But upon deeper reflection, I simply can’t support it.

*Note to readers: My intention here is not to insult anyone religious, and I believe I’ve expressed my opinions respectfully. However, some Christians may find some of the arguments presented here offensive (not because I believe they are, but because they challenge certain fundamentals, and that can be perceived as aggressive or insensitive). Anyways. Caveat emptor, y’all.

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FIC: The Peanut Butter Incident

TITLE: The Peanut Butter Incident
AUTHOR: i_speak_tongue
RATING: PG 13 (some swearing)
WORDS: 3258
SPOILERS: For season 9 in general. This fic takes place sometime in the near/possible future.
A/N: For the Hospitalized!Dean Fic and Art Week over at hoodie_time. JOIN US!
SUMMARY: In the hospital with some pretty extensive injuries, Dean learns that forgiveness comes in many shapes and sizes.

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eight point oh-one.

First. FIRST.

Is it just me or... 
[Spoiler (click to open)] vamps normally not wear sunglasses and hang out in cemeteries IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.

Somehow, I feel like zero people noticed this. Were we all too busy being shocked and surprised that one of the brothers is keeping a secret from the other one, or what? Maybe we were wondering if Benny had already broken his promise and killed that poor soul they were lowering into the ground, or wondering what exactly "pure" means, and if it means that soap in Purgatory has less additives.  In any case,  THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. Somthin' wonkey is definitely goin' on. Got to give the show props for some effective misdirection there. I mean, if that's what they intended. 

LOL. If not, Bob SInger is standing around reading the TV Without Pity boards, waving his arms around frantically. 'Cause. You know. IT'S THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY GUYS. In case that wasn't clear.

Yeah, I just had to get that out there. it actually occurred to me at 6 am, lying in bed, like some kind of math problem my brain was working out while I was sleeping and I didn't even know it. Yet somehow, I was never good in math. Go figure.

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