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—All fic is gen and contains Dean-centric h/c unless otherwise noted. :D

—An asterisk (*CH) after the title denotes a multi-chapter fic.

—$$ = Recommended reading. 

Schmangst is my new word for schmoop & angst, fyi.

  In chronological order according to the Supernatural timeline:


Pre-series  (23)

Dead Beats, or  five times Dean Winchester almost dropped out of school and one time he did. [Dean, Sam, John \\ wee & teen!chesters, angst \\ some G-rated and unrequited Dean/OFC \\ This isn't about some kid from a broken home. This isn't about the shortcomings of the education system. This isn't even about how much Dean hates doing homework. This is about family and choices and being a man.]  $$

Sweet Mary of Silence [Sam, Dean, John \\ wee!chesters \\ On his way home from school, Dean sees something awful, and it pushes all the worst buttons. Shmoop ensues. ] 

why glass is not like ice [Dean, Sam, John \\ teen!Dean \\ The first time Sam steals, it's for his brother.] $$

Modulus of Rupture [Dean, Sam, OFC \\ teen!chesters, Outsider POV \\ Prompt: Outsider POV from someone in Dean's junior year ceramics class -- Dean busts one of his arms/shoulder and can't spin the clay on the wheel, so he's stuck making coil pots one-handed. ] 

Titus [Dean, John, Sam \\  teen!chesters \\ Sam is helping Dean out with his homework. But things aren't as they appear. ]

Arm’s Reach/Length [Dean, Sam, John \\ teen!chesters \\ John better teach Sam how to take care of his brother, because he sure as hell won't be there to do it.] 

What Comes After [Dean, Sam, John \\ schmooooooop! \\ Prompt: "Dean stops eating for days on end for reasons unknown and Sam has to get his big bro to eat again."] 

We Give You Fever (when we kiss you) [Dean, John, Sam \\ teen!Dean & wee!Sam, with some miiiiild Dean/OFC's \\ Sixteen-year-old Dean comes down with a mysterious fever on Valentine's Day. John takes care of him and discovers just how popular the kid is with the girls when they all start showing up at the front door.]

The Cavern of Lost Dreams *2CH [Sam, Dean, John, Crowley \\ teen!chesters & early S7 AU, angst \\ It's about a dog. It's about two boys and something that they thought was lost forever. It's about admitting limitations. It's about finding hope.] 

It’s a Cold Hand That You Feel [Dean, Sam, John \\ angst \\ Tonight, Dean cares too much about Dad to let him do something this dumb. Tonight, there will be mutiny.] 

Sky Pilot and Contrails  [Dean, John, Pastor Jim, Sam \\ angst, war-trauma \\ Dean's only 18 when it happens. The same age as half the boys in John's platoon.] 

Giselle [Dean, John, Sam, OFC \\ Het, teen!Dean, angst, and the usual h/c goodness \\ When Dean feels like Dad won't trust him, he finds someone else who does, in a very unexpected way.] $$

Learning to Feel Nothing [Sam, Dean \\ Circa 2001-ish, aaaaaangst , backwards chronology \\  Dean’s hands are broken, but that’s not what really hurts.]  $$

River [Dean \\ Stanford-era, angst \\ Prompt: John and Dean driving around, on a hunt. There's a ton of tension between them—they're both sad that Sam's gone and each kind of blame the other for it. It's Christmas, they see holiday decorations everywhere, but they don't say anything to each other about it. The holiday goes by without either acknowledging it.]

You’d Better Go in Diguise [John, Dean\\Stanford-era, remix fic\\  Dean's been lost on the Appalachian Trail for three months, and John is close to giving up when he gets the call.] 

The Absent-Minded Winchester [Dean, John \\ Stanford-era \\ John gets home, finds him hunched over the toilet, retching his guts, and last nights chili out. They think it's food poisoning or the flu.] 

Extract, Impact [Dean, John \\ Stanford-era \\  Dean has never been to the dentist. But there comes a time in every man's life....  ] 

After the Flood [Dean, John\\Stanford-era, angst, warning: graphic violence\\ Morning. Wasted on the floor like a teenager. A salad of loose muscles and brains. Body parts all trying to do the same thing: forget, forget, forget. Wondering why he ever remembered in the first place.]  

With Armored Hearts [Dean, Sam, Ellen, Jo\\ Stanford-era AU\\ Where Sam should be and where Dean needs him are two different places. Dean’s known that for a long time now.] 

Wabash Blues, or how even in his heart the devil has to know the water level [Dean, Bobby, John \\ Stanford-era, angst \\ h/c and angst of the Dean variety. Plus, Ghost-Klansmen and a Russian water demon in a Cypress swamp. ]  $$

MomentuM [Sam, Dean\\Stanford era\\Dean gets really sick while Sam is at Stanford. Sam is there in a fucking instant]  $$

Living the Lie [Dean, OFC \\ Stanford-era \\ "You can't go back. Once you've seen that shit, you can't go back to white picket fences and Monday night Football." ] 

Unspecified intra-series  (6)

Wet Cats and Second Chances [San, Dean, Cat\\ schmoop! \\ Prompt: "Dean saves a cat from a flooded storm water drain/culvert. Gets cold, wet and scratched up for his troubles; Sam tries not to laugh whilst patching him up. Please to be having purring at some point... "  ]  

I'm an Ocean [Dean, Sam\\ For the prompt: “Sam and Dean are on a hunt and after an argument, Sam accidentally pushes Dean into a river. Dean, unable to swim because of a dislocated shoulder (which he successfully hid from Sam) almost drowns. Sam saves him but Dean becomes hypothermic, sneezy, drowsy.”] 

Monkberry Moon Delight [Sam, Dean, Bobby\\Dean has aphasia, and it’s cute.] 

Stingy Jack [Dean\\horror, Halloween!fic\\ Dean embarks on a solo hunt through the hills along the Hudson River. ] 

A Knight With No Sword [Sam, Dean\\Halloween!fic\\ These kids deserve something more than this shit neighborhood where they’re more likely to be hit-and-run victims on Halloween than find a house that’s giving out candy.]  $$

In the Willows [Dean, Sam \\ Dean doesn't feel good. Sam finds a place for him to lie down.]

Season 1  (2)

Un Homme de Courage [Dean, Sam\\Faith AU, angst\\ Dean has a fever. Sam has issues. John has yet to show his face.] 

In which Dean is seen for what he truly is [Dean, Sam \\ schmangts and cuddles and de-aged!Dean. Sort-of. \\ Dean is sick. Dean misses his dad. Dean is seeing elephants.]

Season 2  (7)

When He Asks You to Listen [Sam, Dean, John \\  coda to 2.01, IMTOD \\ He's not afraid of the numbers. Just what they mean.]

The Sound that Trees Make [Dean, Sam \\ coda to 2.04, CSPWDT \\  Long roads, uncomfortable silences, and cherry pie.]

Step into the Snow *3CH [Sam, Dean \\ case-fic, Christmas, schmangst \\ Christmas Eve, hunting down a Scandinavian seductress in the Colorado woods leaves Dean shaken.] 

Canyons [ Dean, Sam \\ tag to 2.09, Croatoan, angst \\  The Grand Canyon was a bad idea.] 

Beholden [Dean, Sam\\post-2.10, “Hunted”\\  Prompt: "Dean gets sick during a hunt but keeps insisting he is fine. Only he is ... not." Where have I heard that one before? Lol.] 

The Roberval Balance [Sam, Dean \\ post 2.11, Playthings, meta-fic? \\ when Dean gets hurt, Sam gets introspective.] 

Somebody’s Fool [Dean/Jo unrequited (canon) \\ 2.14, BUaBS missing scene \\ Jo gets pissed off about being victimized, and helps Dean back to the tavern after she finds him on the docks.] $$

Season 3  (7)

Under Blankets [Dean, Sam, Bobby\\ It's snowing, and a bear has woken up]  $$

Half-Spent was the Night [Dean, Sam\\mildly AU, Christmas fic\\And Dean says, “Fine,” even though his leg is shattered and currently being held together by gears and pins and bolts and nuts that look like they should be part of a motorcycle engine. And everyone’s happy.] 

Chesapeake Bay (send me on my way) *6CH [Dean/Bela, Sam \\  post 3.07-ish \\ Dean heads to Maryland, where Bela has a case lined up, and a heap 'o trouble. Ghost horses. Dean on a horse. Dean whumpange. Dean and Bela bickering. Eventual Dean and Sam brothering, and general bad guy ass-kicking.] 

It Always Makes a Sound [Dean, Sam \\ Tuesday-fic, missing scenes from 3.11, Mystery Spot \\ There's one day Sam will regret above all others, even though it never really happened.]  

There's more than one way to spill your guts [Dean, Sam \\ coda to 3.15, “Time is on My Side” \\ The shoulder of the highway is gravel and dirt and dandelions, and Dean stumbles over it and without thinking finds a patch of soft, dew-spotted grass on which to kneel, bend over, and puke on.]  $$

thought he was a goner [Dean, Sam, John \\ schmangst-fest \\ With a week to go, Dean and Sam have a little 2 am heart-to-heart.] 

Flint Michigan SOS [Dean, Sam, Bobby, Ellen, Crossroads Demon, etc…\\ speculative S3 finale fic, good and Kripke’d \\  Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while, I think I see my brother coming, riding a many mile. ] 

Season 4  (4)

Wyrd, Verdandi, Skuld [Sam, Dean \\ speculative Season 4, mute!Dean \\ Sometimes Sam thinks Dean forgot how to be human while he was gone. He observes Sam do mundane things like brush his teeth and button his shirt as if he were watching a movie he’d seen as a young child, with a look of curious nostalgia, remembering only once he’s prompted to do so.]   $$

teach me some melodious sonnet, sung by flaming tongues above [Dean, Cas \\ tag to 4.03 \\ You drive with aimless determination around the deserted streets of Ypsilanti, like a starved rat looking for the food at the end of a maze that it thought it had memorized.]

A Raw Deal: Lost Verses from the Recovered Hard Drive of Carver Edlund, aka the Prophet Chuck [Sam, Dean\\Heaven and Hell coda (with season 5 spoilers), shmangst\\ After the mysterious disappearance of the beloved cult author Carver Edlund, his laptop fell into the possession of the grief-stricken Rebecca Rosen. And while the computer appeared to have been wiped clean, Ms Rosen's brother Stewart, a member of the Geek Squad at the Pike Creek Galleria Best Buy, was able to recover a smattering of documents from its back-up drive. This is one of those documents.]

Transfixed but not Transformed [Mild Dean/Anna \\ Tag to 4.16, OtHoaP\\ Ignoring the Apocalypse is about as easy as ignoring a Siberian tiger in your living room. And if you succeed at doing so? You’re bound to be mauled to death and eaten. ] 

Season 5  (1)

The Cloak (Sangre De Cristo Remix) [Sam, Dean\\remix fic, casefic\\ While Dean recovers from a brutal injury, he secretly questions whether or not the creature Sam supposedly killed is really dead. 'Cause it sure as hell seems like it's not.]  $$

Season 6  (5)

A Rough Guide to Eating Sandwiches [Dean/Lisa, Sam\\Early Season 7, slightly Kripke’d now\\ Sam struggles to accept how he's changed, and why he needs Dean because of it. Dean, meanwhile, gets his ass handed to him.]

Punch Fourteen [Dean, mentions of Dean/Lisa\\6.06 tag, angst\\ Dean lays every punch for a reason. ]

We Are Not Daily Beggars *2CH [Dean, Sam \\ post 6.11 \\ Dean needs to know Sam has his back. And Sam desperately wants to prove it. Unfortunately, the rest of the world seems determined to beat Sam to the punch. ] $$

Your P’s and Q’s [Sam, Dean\\Horror\\Sam just wants to save his brother. Dean just wants to know what the hell is going on.] 

Roll Me in Your Hands and Watch Me Tumble Down [Dean, Sam, Castiel\\post-6.20\\ When Dean is stricken with illness, calling Cas in for a healing hand becomes a matter of contention between the boys.]

Season 7  (5)

Other Walls [Dean, Sam, Bobby \\ angst, depression \\ post 7.02 AU\\ Dean has a wall too, and he's about to hit it.]

So Long, and Thanks for Nothing [Dean \\ post 7.07, depression, angst and h without c \\ He’s sick of asking why. Sick of thinking about how unfair it is that so much of the world’s chaotic cruelty ends up on his dance card. But he can’t help feeling like someone’s fucking with him sometimes.] 

The Cavern of Lost Dreams*2CH [Sam, Dean, John, Crowley \\ dual pre-series timeline, AU after 7.06, angst, depression \\ It's about a dog. It's about two boys and something that they thought was lost forever. It's about admitting limitations. It's about finding hope.] 

What Good You Can Do [Sam, Dean \\ episode prologue for 7.09, depression \\ What do you do when something needs fixing and you've got nothing to work with? You do what you can. Because he's your brother.]  $$

The Lessons of (Alternate) History [Dean, Sam, alternate future/2014!Cas \\ The boys pick up a hitchhiker... from another universe. Also, Dean is sick.]

Post-Series  (2)

The Drawbridge [Dean, Sam, Bobby\\ Dean stops hunting. The painful way. ] 

I Came in from the Wilderness  *4CH [Dean, Sam \\ post-S2/post-series AU, angst, prison!fic \\ “You know what this is? It's giving up. Don't kid yourself, Dean. Don't make yourself out to be some goddamn martyr. Because you aren't. I won't let you."]

Crossovers  (2)

Third Wheel Keeps It Upright *4CH [Dean/Rayanne, Angela, Sam etc… \\ x-over with My So-Called Life, Angela’s POV, teen!chesters \\  “God, I mean, I've been going to school with pretty much the same people for what? Ten years now? And almost all of them still don't really know me. And that's the thing, you know? Most people don't care about knowing you. They care about knowing about you. Being able to like, label you so they feel like they know the who's who of Junior year. And when you're new, there's this moment of one or two weeks, where no one knows anything, where you're like, a total mystery.”]  $$

The Returned (co-authored with vie_dangerouse) [Sam, Dean, Billy Costigan \\ x-over with The Departed,  early-mid S4, angst \\ Fresh out of Hell, Dean struggles both emotionally and physically with a case that involves saving one of the most despicable men alive, Irish Mafia boss, Frank Costello. In a typical Dean Winchester fashion, he uses sarcasm and bad jokes to cover up his existential despair, and avoids dealing.]  $$

And a handful of drabbles.

(Please note that I'm not very good at archiving my comment-fic or challenge fic, so this is still an incomplete list. If there's a fic you think I wrote and you can't find it here, leave a comment and I'll try to dig it up for you! Thanks!)

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